Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ayam Taliwang

For fans of chicken, Ayam Taliwang (Chicken Taliwang) certainly is not unique anymore. The menu is a favorite food of many people, especially chicken stall Taliwang already opened branches everywhere and it is now virtually in every area.

This menu is a typical island of Lombok. As a typical meal, the menu is a valuable treasure that could advance the island of Lombok itself. If traced,
Ayam Taliwang menu comes from a village called village Coral Taliwang. Its location in Cakranegara and found by a villager who is now deceased, namely H Murad (alrmarhum) and his wife.

Ayam Taliwang is a typical menu for the culinary tourist who like spicy. If you visit Lombok, would not be complete without enjoying this dish. Although in various corners over the country are already available Ayam Taliwang stall, but eat Ayam Taliwang in their areas of origin of course different.

Ayam Taliwang this so very special because it is made with a special chicken, which is chicken that is still young and aged 3-5 months. Old chickens by now have meat that is tender and chewy, so that it can provide unique flavor when baked. In addition, meat that is still young and tender could also make the perfect flavors to infuse, so the seasoning is still feel if we eat the bones.

Because the chicken used is a young chicken, then do not be surprised if the size of the grilled chicken was rather small. But if it were the quality, of course, is unrivaled. So if you will visit the island of Lombok, you try to visit one of the stalls that sell
Ayam Taliwang menu in the city of Mataram. One is the Rhythm Taliwang stalls, street Ade Irma Suryani. Once you try, please compare the taste to Ayam Taliwang that exists outside the island of Lombok.

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