Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ramen Hakata

The results of bone stew chicken (especially thighs) and kombu (a kind of seaweed) for 48 hours is the key Ikkousha Hakata ramen soup delicacy of this. Mlekoh broth, thick, viscous, smooth, and very tasty. Imagine how a discarded gas cylinders to achieve the purity of this delicacy.
In addition to the quality of the chicken broth that no two, the first branch in Indonesia Hakata Ikkousha also brings two of Japan's ramen chef. Both chef is really not compromise on quality. When he saw that I did not eat ramen served immediately, but the photograph-photographed first, the chef quickly made another helping and strictly forbade me from eating ramen was left cold.
Even the consistency of soft-boiled eggs are a ramen topping sauce is also very special. White is solid, but the yolk is still semi-liquid. Fabulous! Eggs that melt in the mouth is certainly also the result of a standard process that heavily guarded. Mak nyuss!
His own Mi-textured chewy, al dente, still felt in the teeth when bitten. On top of a thick sauce sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and chopped scallions. On the table are raw garlic and garlic crusher for those who want to add intensity of flavor of garlic in the broth.
What also must be observed - in the sense of enjoying a full appreciation - is the quality of the chicken cutlets are served in generous portions at this ramen bowl. Pieces of chicken breast meat section is very smooth, soft, and tasty as the old boiling over low heat to make all the spices to penetrate all the fibers of the meat. Hakata Ramen also disjikan with finely chopped mushroom stew.
With the price of USD 4 thousand a bowl, Hakata ramen Ikkousha presents an excellent option for people in Jakarta are more fond fever kodel this Japanese noodle soup. Incomparable pleasure! Grilled gyoza (kuotie Japanese model) have Hakata also must be tested. Garlic flavor really kick. If you like tauco Japanese (miso), there is also a mix of chicken broth miso soup is tasty.
Without the sensation of a super spicy ramen creations too, I'm sure it will win the competition Hakata because the quality of the chicken broth that no two. By the way, Ikkousha meaning "happy home first".

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