Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pecel Madiun

To make Pecel from Madiun, all the vegetables such as kale, cabbage, sprouts, cassava leaves, can be utilized. And Madiun is city that Pecel came from.

1. Garlic: 3 cloves
2. Powder: 1 piece
3. Kaffir lime leaves: 1 sheet
4. Red pepper: to taste
5. Acid: to taste
6. Sugar: to taste
7. Salt: to taste
8. Paste: to taste
9. Seasonings: to taste

How to cook:

     Tana bean fried, not too ripe. Then until finely ground.
     Seasoning spices crushed and placed in separate containers.
     Combine spices and nuts that have been ground smooth, stir stir until blended.
     Vegetables washed and cut into pieces. Then boiled with water for a moment, then drained.
     If the vegetables have rain in the water, place on plate.
     Then give spice pecel Madison already diluted with water.

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