Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rendang from West Sumatra

Indonesia is rich in diverse cultures and this is not indisputable. Not only that, this cultural diversity also helped increase the variety of cuisine in the country. One of them is "rendang". Yes, rendang Padang. Who does not know this one dish. Cuisine from West Sumatra, with its distinctive spicy taste. But now hot level can be adjusted to your liking. Rendang is made from the main ingredient is beef and traditional cuisine "santan".Formerly, rendang dishes served as a main menu of the nobles, but now the presentation is general in nature, so everyone can taste the deliciousness.
Rendang is actually a thorough cuisine in the region of West Sumatra, but more people know him as rendang Padang. This is because, Padang is the capital of West Sumatra Province. Cuisine rendang is not just cooking  playing tongue. Moreover, rendang Padang in West Sumatra has its own philosophy. Philosophy is seen from the material elements of the cuisine and cooking rendang. There are four philosophies contained in cooking rendang Kabau in Minang society, namely:

The first comes from the philosophy Dagiang (meat). Meat used in the manufacture of cooking rendang, which is derived from beef). Meat is a symbol of Ninik Mamak which is the traditional tribal leaders in West Sumatra.The second philosophy Karambia derived from (coconut). Coconut is a symbol of the wise (intellectuals).The third philosophy derived from Lado (chili), which is a symbol of the scholars are spicy and assertive in teaching religion.The latter philosophy is cooking (spices) which represents the whole community Minang.At present, this rendang dish creations growing. Not only rendang dish made from beef (beef rendang) who becomes a delicious cuisine pemanja tongue, but rendang jackfruit (rendang cubadak), rendang egg, potato rendang rendang lung even more dikreasikan.Well, you do not necessarily have to come into the field to enjoy delicious cuisine rendang, because you can make at home. The longer the rendang is cooked, then it will be more delicious. Beef rendang, a practical will last longer than other rendang.

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