Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nasi Gandul from Indonesia

“Nasi Gandul” is a typical dish from Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. At first glance, it is very similar to “Nasi Pindang” from Kudus, one of city in Indonesia, but without the leaf so (melinjo young leaves). If Nasi Pindang  is the result of a cross between a “soto” and “rawon” soup, then nasi Gandul is a cross between soup and gule. Nasi Gandul is more kicking and nicely  taste when compared with nasi pindang.

This dish is a combination of the two dishes, each cooked with rich spices. 
The first element is “empal” beef (also including offal) are cooked in aromatic spices, then fried briefly. That empal are tasty when eaten just like that.

The second element is the coconut milk is also very tasty. Taste the cumin and coriander curry or curry flavor raises India. While the ginger and garlic represent the elements of a popular soup in Java. Enriched with other spices, tied with coconut milk that makes it really nice.

Not all sellers of nasi Gandul - both in Pati, and in other cities - presenting it in the same way. But, certainly, almost all sellers of nasi Gandul use of banana leaf placemats.Apparently this is an important characteristic that should not be no. Some sellers use the scissors to cut meat or offal. How to cut is also popular in the Holy done, for example when serving boiled rice. The curry chicken rice seller in Medan was using scissors to cut up chicken.

There nasi Gandul seller who poured gravy over rice, then to cut empal on it. However, some are cutting empal and sprinkle over rice, then pour sauce. On top of it sprinkled with crispy fried red onions.

Why is it called nasi Gandul? This simple question proved difficult to find the answer.There is almost no satisfactory answers, including from those who trade in nasi Gandul.The only somewhat plausible answer is that rice and gravy "gemandul" (dependent) on the plate is first covered with banana leaves.

Gandul mandatory side dish for rice is fried tempeh. As shown in the photo, that tempeh is the kind that is wrapped individually. Thin, solid, and dry. Crisp texture was very dishonest with rice soup kick Gandul steady. Of course, side dishes are also suitable for other fried rice accompany Gandul.

If you're in Pati, come and taste this food that best eaten tasty, accompanied by ice syrup kawista a highly fragrant aroma.

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