Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sop Buntut

Indonesia has a lot of typical dishes of delicious recipes. One is the Sop Buntut (oxtail soup). Indonesian cuisine is highly favored by the people in various regions, so we'll see a lot of people who open restaurants with Sop Buntut menu. The reason that this dish was made head of cattle, because cattle have good taste and smell delicious. Actually it could also use the goats, but goat meat has a distinctive smell that is undesirable  many people (prengus). If you want to make the cuisine of Indonesia, can find the recipe in the tabloids or in culinary cookbooks. To make Sop Buntut should be prepared ingredients and spices needed.
Seasoning should be prepared to cook
Sop Buntut with oxtail 1 kilogram of material are:

7 spring onions large enough
3 cloves garlic
white pepper (you can use pepper granules or powder)
1 whole nutmeg, 1 knuckle of ginger (ginger can with plain red or white ginger)
sugar and salt to taste.
For the filling

1 kilogram of cows
leeks, and celery (or you can fill it with vegetables that you like).
To make this recipe, which is the following:

Smooth all the spices.
Oxtail which was washed, cut to
knuckle. Then cooked in a pan of water as much as 2 liters to almost boiling and the bubbles float on its surface.
The remaining water is removed and replaced with 2 liters of water until the oxtail submerged, and boil again until tender over low heat and covered with a lid. Once cooked, oxtail broth was taken and filtered.
Heat oil (preferably olive oil) or butter and then enter a spice that has been mashed up to smell nice.
Enter the leeks, celery, and vegetables until almost cooked.
Then enter and oxtail broth was filtered, then boiled again until cooked vegetables.
Turn off heat and then remove the bowl, and soup ready to be served.
This recipe is just one example of oxtail soup recipe, you can combine them with other recipes.

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